For example, do you need your journal to write daily affirmations? Or is there a favorite tea you like to drink to get your morning started? Think of the healthy coping habits you’ve developed while you’ve been in recovery and make sure you have a plan on how to implement these on your trip. In addition to all of the above, planning ahead and keeping a routine that is similar to the one you’ve developed during your sobriety can help immensely while on your travels. A normal routine can help keep you focused and on track when you’re trying to have a great time in an unfamiliar environment.

  • The rest of the day, relax or see where the day takes you.
  • Try to include a buffer day as well to help you ease back into your normal routine.
  • But vacationing for recovery is not the same as traveling for pleasure.
  • Here are a few of my top tips for enjoying the holiday season without jeopardizing your health.
  • In addition to knowing about the physical location, make a list of things you need to have with you to resist triggers.

“That shift is a point of friction, and it is frequently experienced as gloom. It’s just ‘Blue Monday’ on a different scale,” Ballard tells NBC News BETTER. They’re two very different paces of life and we usually need an adjustment phase to shift from one to the other. Take one full day off per week from any type of work.

Don’t Skip Out on Meetings

Traveling while sober presents a lot of new obstacles, and temptation is everywhere. Parties, dining out, travel anxiety, and family dynamics are just some of the triggers you can anticipate. Your level of relaxation may depend on who you travel with.

  • A toolbox can help you be prepared for potential adversity and triggers while also giving you the clearest view of what is to come on your trip.
  • You can do this by trying short five to ten minute meditations or short breathing exercises.
  • A song, a smell—sometimes triggers surprise us, and we are not prepared for the flood of emotions that follow.
  • Some vacations and trips change us, Caillet says.

Begin the day with a nice cup of warm water and up to one half of a freshly squeezed lemon. Warm lemon water helps to cleanse the system and kickstart your digestion for the day and it’s a great way to set the tone for a healthy, hydrated day.

Hire a Travel Agent

Research plainly shows your memory and concentration will improve, you will produce a better work product, and heck—you might even live longer. As I climbed the promotional ladder, I was eager to impress people with the relentless pace I could keep, so I began putting in longer and longer hours—still with no breaks in the day. Later, the 4-10 shift became very popular (working 10-hour days 4 days a week), but then it was 10-hour days without breaks. In a prior workplace, we had what was called a “straight eight” shift. This meant there was no time allotted for a lunch break. You could simply eat quickly at your desk—and leave when your shift was over. While going through your planning ahead prep, try sitting down and making an actual list of the things you might need to have with you to get through the day or even resist triggers.

Affluent Traveler Collection Shows Strong Recovery For Luxury – Travel Agent

Affluent Traveler Collection Shows Strong Recovery For Luxury.

Posted: Mon, 31 Oct 2022 16:18:28 GMT [source]

Leave the business of vacationing to the professionals. Hire a travel agent, tell them your parameters, and see what they deliver. Effects of short vacations, vacation activities and experiences on employee health and well-being.

If You’re Feeling Down, Embrace It

That’s good news for companies like Worldline, a France-based operator of transaction-processing platforms across Europe. So how do these data-driven insights translate to portfolio actions? Cruise ships, airlines and hotels might seem like the obvious way to invest in a travel rebound. But these companies are the higher risk, higher reward options; if a new variant emerges post delta, the recovery would be pushed out again and “pure” travel stocks would face a setback. Sometimes a healthy convalescence demands solo time for rest and reflection. With crisper air and the leaves turning, these self-care ideas will leave you feeling cozy and energized.

Take advantage of the renewed energy that vacation leaves you with, Caillet says. And do those things that allow you to engage with the world in a more thoughtful, productive, and constructive way. The first step is don’t go beating yourself up for feeling a little sad after returning from vacation. “It’s vacation and recovery to be expected and it’s not necessarily a sign that you hate your life,” Ballard says. In order to ensure you have the best possible time, plan your vacation after you feel comfortable maintaining your recovery success. Once you’ve reached this level of comfort you will be better able to relax & have fun.

How to get better at vacation recovery

The travel plans you’re making probably wouldn’t have been possible before you found the courage and perseverance to embrace a substance-free life. If you need to have a minibar removed from your room or ask your companions not to drink or use substances while you’re together, don’t be afraid to do those things. People who love you and want the best for you will be happy to provide whatever support you need to stay on track with your recovery. Find a yoga class, a bus or walking tour, a cooking class, or a museum excursion that gets you up and out of the hotel in the morning.